About me

I was born on an island, to a father who was brought up on the belief that a man can achieve more than a woman, and to a mother who (thankfully!) believed that there is a place in time where equality will prevail. Because of these two people, I had to meet high expectations which have helped me to become successful, not in terms of money, but in terms of how I leave a footprint in people’s lives and in the world itself. I believe in the simple life, one where character is more important than your achievements, and where relationships are more important than your materialistic belongings. I believe that time is the greatest gift of all, and kindness is the only way to make this world a place worth living.  I am in love and married to a man who also believes in these things and who is a better person than I, and together we are moving along in this life, making the most out of our day to day in every way.