New Norms: Saying No to Secret Santa

As we continue with the holiday season (Christmas is less than two weeks away!), I continue reassessing the traditions that come with it. I find myself participating in festivities for the sake of tradition, which is never a good reason to participate in the first place. Tradition keeps people repeating the same thing over and… Continue reading New Norms: Saying No to Secret Santa


All consumption is not bad consumption.

As we near the holidays, and our ever increasing list of presents to buy continue to surmount to a mountainous thread of bullet points and check boxes that far surpass Santa’s naughty or nice list, I want to go ahead and say it. All consumption is not bad consumption. But aren’t I a minimalist? Don’t… Continue reading All consumption is not bad consumption.

The First 5 Steps to Getting Our Finances in Order

Right after I graduated from dental school, I knew I wanted to get our finances in order. We were six months away from swearing eternity to each other, and I wanted to be clear about what our current financial status was and where we want to go from there. They say that finances are one… Continue reading The First 5 Steps to Getting Our Finances in Order

Travel: Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

I am usually not a city girl. When I think of the ideal places to travel to and explore, I never come up with a city. Mike, however, loves exploring cities. We try to find a happy medium between the two of us, alternating destinations so that we discover something about each other's interests while… Continue reading Travel: Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, Germany

Thoughts on: The word negligible.

Mike and I see eye to eye on the big things, such as our familial ties, the values we hold, our personal goals and overall lifestyle. But we usually approach life in polar opposite ways, which is wonderful in a sense, because we bring the best of both worlds to our extremely balanced relationship. One… Continue reading Thoughts on: The word negligible.

The True Cost of Gas

Today was my day off and I woke up to a beautiful, sunny, blustery day. In a cheerier mood, I thought to myself, maybe I deserve spending $3 to buy myself a coffee today at a local coffee shop where I could work on my blog. Typically, I wouldn't be so thrifty, but today is… Continue reading The True Cost of Gas

A Simple Holiday Gift Guide – 10 gifts for the holiday season

Call yourself frugal, minimal, mindful, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. There’s still the matter of gift giving for the holidays. Unless you’ve found a way to completely let go of gift giving without hurting or disappointing your closest loved ones, there’s the issue of buying more material goods that could do the planet more… Continue reading A Simple Holiday Gift Guide – 10 gifts for the holiday season

Travel: The Routeburn Track, New Zealand with Ultimate Hikes

This was by far my favorite part of our trip to New Zealand, so it appears obvious to me that I would write about it first. Kiwis call hiking “tramping”, and there are plenty of opportunities to do it on such small islands. The views are outstanding, wherever you go, but Mike and I wanted… Continue reading Travel: The Routeburn Track, New Zealand with Ultimate Hikes